iPulp Series (English)

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iPulp Series #1: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’

This is Jack Torrance‘s never before published book, as featured in the classic movie The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick after Stephen King‘s book of the same name.
Jack Torrance’s infamous novel was typed in a hopeless state of mind at the Overlook Hotel in 1980.
His last and only literary legacy stands as a masterpiece of psychopathic literature, a journey into the depths of alienation and despair.
It is a crazy book getting progressively crazier. 
It is a written nightmare, a glimpse into madness and also a glorious joke.
And still shining, as the rarest piece of literature it is.

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iPulp Series #2: Daruma Neko’s ‘Doomed Planet’

It is the 22nd century and Mars has become the Australia of the day, a huge open-air prison for felons in outer space. The Red Planet is now known as the Red Hell. And it’s no overstatement: Life on Mars is no rock classic there but a tough reality.
Some people, though, do better than others: it’s the GMO’s, the Genetically Modified Organisms. Also known as hybrids, they’ve played a major role in the colonization of the planet. Herr Sputnik is one of them. He is what you may call a cosmic rolling stone and a head for numbers, currently working at a research facility in the Tharsis region. 
It’s been long since Mars was colonized by humans, following Elon Musk’s dream. Their descendants are forging their home in a brutal world and they want freedom in return. The settlers have risen against the Earth rule and are now fighting hard for independence. Revolution, however, is not the only thing sweeping the planet: there’s also this terrible sandstorm. To make things worse, a strange poltergeist phenomenon is taking place at the facility. Some claim there is curse on the planet. Others pray for the aliens to come. Herr Sputnik tries to stay cool amid this turmoil and confusion, but it’s not easy when the situation around you is as unstable as an electron.